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Made by an old Sporedum artist, this mod changes all of Spore's smilies into alien-looking ones.
Spore Mods | Views: 6143 | Downloads: 1320 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2011-04-20

This mod adds a new part to spore... in the form of totally useless black glasses.
Spore Mods | Views: 5301 | Downloads: 1476 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2011-04-20

A space stage weapons pack. Includes a rapid-fire blaster, a ssd flak cannon and barbette cannons.
Spore Mods | Views: 15983 | Downloads: 6000 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2011-04-20

This mod is primarily designed for use with the Galactic Adventures expansion pack, and will not operate perfectly without it. However, you can use this mod with vanilla Spore if you wish, but note that not all features will work as intended. The most notable of these is the Levels 4 and 5 Strike and Charge abilities do not function properly if you do not have GA, as well as the Level 5 Spit ability.
Also, I do not recommend using any other mods alongside PlatinumSpore. If you do, be warned that there is a good probability of neither mod functioning properly.

If you are running Spore with Galactic Adventures, you must have updated to either Patch 5, or Patch 6 (Dr Pepper Parts Pack) for it to function correctly.
If you are running Vanilla Spore, you must have Patch 3 (no other patch will function correctly).

Extract the downloaded file to obtain the mod (a .package file) and then follow the instructions specific to each OS:
If you have the Galactic Adventures expansion, the mod should be installed in the C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Spore_EP1\Data folder.
If you are running vanilla Spore, you must place the mod in the C:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Spore\Data folder.

Mods should be placed in /Applications/SPORE/Spore.app/Contents/Resources/transgaming/c_drive/Spore/Data/ 
I am uncertain if this is different for a Galactic Adventures installation (I do not own a Mac) so if anyone could confirm this for me, it would be great.
If the respective folders, there should be several other package files. Don't mess with these - they are required for the game to function. Spore package files are prefixed with Spore_
Spore Mods | Views: 68545 | Downloads: 29392 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2011-04-20

Barren Rock, Barren Rock, Barren Rock, Barren Rock... Oh! A T1 planet. Joy.

Sound familiar? Then get the More T3 Planets mod today! As the name suggests, you'll encounter far more T3 planets with this mod installed, than without!
Spore Mods | Views: 5964 | Downloads: 2492 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2011-02-28

So! You think you're tough, huh? Beaten Spore on the hardest difficulty? Not until you've tried this, you havn't! Made by Spore Hardcore Fans, for the Hardcore Fans!
Increased Enemy UFO health.
  • Relationship Increment Rates.
  • Spice Costs and much more.
  • Increased Cargo size for a specific from 99 to 999.
  • Decreased Frequency of nearly all events, so less pirates, eco disasters etc.
  • Increased Trade routes to 5.
  • Tweaked solar system.
  • Increased starting money, to increase possibilities at the start.
To play this mod just play on hard difficulty and it changes that difficulty automatically.
Spore Mods | Views: 3372 | Downloads: 713 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2011-02-28

This mod increases the distance an advanced spaceship can travel and see - useful!
Spore Mods | Views: 6303 | Downloads: 3182 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2011-02-28

This mod increases or decreases all the editor's complexity meter. These include the cell and creature stage creature creator, the tribal accessories editor, the vehicle editor and the building editor. This is an un-tested mod so feedback would be fantastic. Thanks to Void for the SporeMaster tool which we used to create all our mods.
Spore Mods | Views: 9605 | Downloads: 3491 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2011-02-28

The biggest, baddest mod has finally arrived!! To be honest, this really is the biggest mod I've ever seen for Spore. Check out this huge repertoire of features!

General Improvements:
- Increased Complexity limits in all editors
- The intro now skips the opening movie.
- Now includes a in game help, just go to Spore guide to find out everything about BetterSpore.

Creature Stage:
- Longer Creature Stage, requires more DNA for each brain level
- No more annoying sea monsters!

Tribal Stage:
- Increases health points for the tribal hut to 800, 1500, and 2500
- starting food is set to 100 instead of 15
- Have more tribal members, more than ever before! (Reduced from 1.3 to decrease chance of crashing)

Space Stage:
- You can now buy the staff of life if you have nearly all the badges.
- It now takes longer to get the high end badges.
- Now find items like healing tools as random items on planets.
- Base of 8 spice stored per colony.
- More variation in price of items between empires.
- Reduce the amount spice is worth on hard difficulty.
- Tools cost more on hard and less on easy difficulty.
- Money dropped from ships is worth more.
- Enemy ships now have more health.
- Ally ships now have more health.
- Costs more to request allies to attack someone.
- Store 999 of everything, except spice!
- Cost more to repair and recharge.
- Your home world produces more spice.
- Costs more to buy up solar systems.
- Now have up to 5 trade routes.
- Easier to fly in the galactic centre.
- There are less large empires.
- Have up to 10 planets in a solar system.
- More chance of a barren planet then T1-3 compared to the original game.
- Abduct from higher up, so you don’t have to keep going lower!
- More buildings and Turrets on T1 and T2 planets.
- Turrets are better defenders.
- Less attacks, less disasters.
- Now up to 3 artifacts per planet.
- Items cost more to buy.
- All items which you place (eg colonies, spice storage, uber turret etc) now do not need to be bought multiply times, but instead cost sporebucks everytime you use it.
- Interstellar Drives have been increased slightly.
- A collection of rare items (Having all 10 of a set) have had their prices increase by over 500%.
- More variation in price of items between empires.
- Items will not always appear when at a shop, depending on each civilization.

New Items in space stage:
- Ultra Cargo Hold
- Ultra Energy Storage
- Ultra Health Upgrade
- Interstellar Drive 6
- Ultra Laser
- Ultra Proton Missile
- Ultra Bomb
- Ultra Pulse
- Ultra Auto Blaster
- Staff of the Apocalypse
- Wand of Life

Not only that, but it also fixes a bunch of bugs found in the original Spore game!

To install, download and unzip to your .../Electronic Arts/SPORE/Data folder.

Spore Mods | Views: 11743 | Downloads: 5291 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2010-12-20

Tired of only being allowed to lug around 99 of something? Want to cause some serious pain to your thrusters? Then this mod is for you - increase your maximum stacksize from 99 to 9999!

To install, download and unzip to your .../Electronic Arts/SPORE/Data folder.
Spore Mods | Views: 7794 | Downloads: 3049 | Added by: Admin | Date: 2010-12-20

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