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[ Download from this server (11.83 Mb) ] 2011-04-20, 2:43 PM
  • Replaces the normal editor with a 3D version of the editor, with very advanced features normally allowed only in the Creature Editor, such as spine tweaking.
  • Tweaks the camera to allow you to zoom further in and out.

  • Slows your hunger bar (who ever heard of a creature that needs to eat every 5mins anyway?)
  • Gives 3 DNA points every time you eat.
  • Lowers Rogues' health to 200.
  • Charge has been modified. Level 4 is now Static Charge, and Level 5 is Lightning Charge. Also, the higher level of Charge you have, the further distance you can start your charge from.
  • Increases number of animals per nest (I know this has been done, but Davoplayer overdid it a bit)
  • Makes Creature Stage 1.5x longer (More Evo Points required to advance)
  • Adds Davo's Static Charge as Charge lv4, and Knockback Charge as Charge lv5.
  • Lv5 Spit is lightning summon type ability.
  • Lv4 and Lv5 Strike are Electrical Strikes, with a difference between them... it's up to you to work out what
  • Strike Lv1 is a weak version of Epic Stomp.
  • Flight speed has been increased. Mainly to compensate for the annoying Sea Monster when flying over deep water. He slows you down.
  • The Sea Monster will not kill the player, and can only appear once every minute. It does have a tendency to interrupt flight though, and swimming between continents is downright irritating.
  • Jump height has been increased.
  • Epics are in packs of two, with 500 health each.
  • Rogues are in packs of 2, with one adult, and one baby.
  • Motive tweaks by PI, which allow you to regain health faster when at a nest, and regain health when resting.
  • Speed ability increased in effectiveness, allowing you and all other creatures to move much faster - credit to P.I.

  • Tribe members' hunger bars drain 10x slower
  • Increases number of spots available to place the "tool sheds" so you can actually have all possible attack, socialize, and misc tools.
  • Make babies grow up in thirty seconds instead of 1 minute.
  • Increases starting food to 25.
  • Increases maximum tribe members to 24. (tribe members for each hut size is doubled)
  • Increases jump height and flight speed.

  • Names of civilizations have been changed. They still vaguely relate to the colors. e.g. Green is called Forest Empire. Don't remember if this affects Civ or Space lol.
  • Increased maximum vehicle cap per city

  • The Planet Buster has been modified to make it usable on any planet, including savegames, and your homeworld. Be careful with it though. Also, do not bust the 201 Ruins planet, or the planet with the wrecked spaceship until after you've finished the mission.
  • Halve the frequency of raids, ecodisasters and the like.
  • More artifacts in the galaxy, and maximum artifacts per planet increased to 4.
  • There is no penalty for allying with the Grox (nobody will ever know, right? ;) )
  • Missions done for the Grox will have more effect on your relationship with them.
  • Staff of Life will have unlimited uses.
  • Removes Galactic Code penalties (i.e. "I hate you for blowing up the planet"), but only for the superpowers.
  • Antimatter weapons cost money to use instead of using ammo, and can be upgraded into Exotic Matter tools.
  • The Colony Incredi-Pak will have unlimited ammo, and an upgrade (City Incredi-Pak) available when you gain the final Colonist badge.
  • MoreMoney cheat will give 2.4mil sporebucks.
  • Eco Hero, Bodyguard, Cleaner, Brain Surgeon, Warmonger, and Collector badges will be easier to obtain.
  • Increases the necessary number of cheats needed to earn the Joker Badge to 10,000,000 (it actually only registers how many different cheats you use, so you'll never get it)
  • Includes all BetterSpore Tools (Credit to BL), but removes EPICWARZ.
  • Massively increases colonies' spice storage.
  • Significantly lowers the chance of destroying a colony before forcing it to surrender.
  • Increases maximum colony buildings on T1 and T2 planets.
  • Makes it slightly easier to raise the T-Score of a planet
  • Raises a wildlife sanctuary's capacity to 120 creatures.
  • Increases maximum cargo storage to 999.
  • Increases starting amount of money to $1,000,000.
  • Almost unlimited number of trade routes, increased number to 100 million maximum trade routes.
  • Increased the scale of planets, stars, gas giants, moons, etc. and made stars visible from planet surface.
  • Made it possible for other empires besides Grox to have the Knight archetype.
  • You have to have a relationship of -100 with an empire for them to send an escort to follow you around, and in the case of the Grox, attack you if you stay too long.
  • Lowered peace offering amounts (money-hungry empires :/).
  • Halved price requirement to request allies to attack someone else.
  • Halved recharge costs.
  • Increased factories' spice production to balance out with extra storage
  • Lowered energy costs for flying around the galaxy (not sure if it does it for planets too).
  • Spice production is marginally increased if playing in Easy difficulty.
  • Tools cost is affected by difficulty.
  • Enemies' health is affected by game difficulty.
  • Increases the possibility that empires will have several colonized planets in a system, and they grow their territory faster.
  • Utilizes some of Log's New Turret Weapons as long-range weaponry for posse members.
  • Increases amount NPCs give you for gifts and tributes.
  • Less money has to be given for a gift to NPCs (they were too greedy)
  • Upgrades the Uber Turret (it is now 99% effective vs pirates and raiders) - it is also able to be quickfired.
  • Changes all original colonization tools to cost money instead of using ammo.
  • Adds a White Matter Laser as an upgrade to the Laser-class weapons.
  • Adds a MK-III Browning 40mm machine-gun as an upgrade for the Proton Missile-class weapons.
  • Adds a Tesla Coil (Lightning Gun) weapon - a ship-to ship electrical-type weapon. It autotargets for you.
  • Adds a Detonation weapon as an upgrade for the Orbs of Doom.
  • Adds the Barbette Cannon as an upgrade for the Pulse weapons.
  • Adds a Nova Missile as an upgrade for the Bomb-class weapons.
  • Adds Frigid Pulse and Brilliant Bomb weapons - based off Metroid weapons, suggested by Bridger (Varia).
  • Empires pay you around 1000 SporeBucks for completing Ecodisaster missions.
  • Only 4 creatures need to be eradicated for Ecodisaster missions.
  • Longer time limit for Ecodisasters.
  • Adds a Warp Drive, which removes all travel limits, but the SETI star targeting tool only works for about 50pc. So you can't usually travel further than that, unless you're moving between savegame systems.
  • Includes a Kamikaze, which allows you to ram into other ships and damage them.
  • Adds Dark Matter Missiles.
  • Includes a Money Ray - the Cash Sucker 5000... tested and working properly.
  • Added Ion Cannon weapon - it is a single-shot, high-power laser with a 10sec recharge time, and high energy cost.
  • 4 new TerraSculpting tools. They are:
      Sculpt Cube
        Changes any planet into a Cube Planet.
      Sculpt Earth

        Changes any planet into an Earthlike planet (continents and all), with blue water, green grass, and azure skies as a bonus!
      Sculpt Inversion

        Inverts a planet's surface (i.e. ocean becomes land and vice-versa)
      Blank Canvas
        Completely flattens a planet. Existing colonies will cause distortions.

    Please note that these tools can take a few seconds after the projectile hits the ground to take effect. All will show up in My Collections, so look there instead of asking me what badges you need to get them.
  • All spice names have been changed completely, including descriptions. If you want, contribute a better name than the ones I've thrown in.
  • Removed all traces of Hacking and Hypnosis technologies... it would take days and an extra half megabyte worth of files to make them work right.
  • Added the ability to place the Uber Turret tool on any planet.
  • Halves recharge time of all TerraSculpting tools
  • Tweaks to Archetype super weapons.
  • Modifies many tools to cost money instead of having to buy ammo (you can buy ammo on the spot)

  • Includes Logarithm64's A Tech Tree 2.0 mod (not yet officially released), although Hacking has been removed.
  • Includes Logarithm64's Deflation Bomb, with some major balancing work.
  • Includes Logarithm64's New Turret Weapons - they are awesome.
  • Includes Logarithm64's New Spices
  • Includes Logarithm64's City Wall Changer mod, with one extra wall style I created myself.
  • Includes Logarithm64's Genetic Modification 2Editors mod, with all bugs fixed.
  • Includes Logarithm64's Planet Buster Camera Tweak.
  • Includes Logarithm64's Permanent Temperature Changes mod.
  • Includes Logarithm64's Corporations Mod.
  • Includes some of Log's Camera Tweaks.
  • Includes TheComet's StarFleet mod, although I removed some of its changes, as some were already done in my mod.
  • Includes Davoplayer's newest version of his Static and Knockback Charge abilities (Charge lv4 and 5 respectively)
  • Includes Davoplayer's 3D Cell Editor, with some changes of my own.
  • Includes Davoplayer's Baby Creature Kidnapping (i.e. you may pick up and throw small creatures. Pick up by double clicking on them)
  • Includes the RoadRunner v2 mod (massively increases your ship's speed and acceleration

  • Increased planet size by a factor of about 10. This does not (for some reason) affect the player's homeworld, or any of the planets focused on in the 101/201 story missions (the first mission you do among the stars)
  • Uber Turret size, speed and weaponry range all increased. (Now 12x the size of your ship - approx.)
  • Increased freedom of colony placement (no longer bound to be immediately adjacent to Spice geysers)
  • Added Blank Canvas sculpting tool.
  • ALL Pyrotech bugs are fixed. Will begin work on fixing all of Void's bugs after the update, most likely.
  • Added Cash Sucker 5000 - converts energy into money.
  • Corporations' My Collections screen has been redone.
  • Holy Aurora bug fixed (works perfectly, except no visual effect can be seen - looking into it).
  • PyroBliterator can be used on ALL planets... Spode Save your enemies!
  • Fixed all messed-up descriptions.Removed useless Total Epicizer tool.
  • Will add new Tech Tree icons when Kaos gets them finished.
  • Increased range of Radar ability (lest those artifacts become impossible to locate on these bigger planets)
  • Increased planet's atmosphere range to closely correlate with bigger size

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