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Better Spore 1.45
[ Download from this server (151.0 Kb) ] 2010-12-20, 10:19 AM
The biggest, baddest mod has finally arrived!! To be honest, this really is the biggest mod I've ever seen for Spore. Check out this huge repertoire of features!

General Improvements:
- Increased Complexity limits in all editors
- The intro now skips the opening movie.
- Now includes a in game help, just go to Spore guide to find out everything about BetterSpore.

Creature Stage:
- Longer Creature Stage, requires more DNA for each brain level
- No more annoying sea monsters!

Tribal Stage:
- Increases health points for the tribal hut to 800, 1500, and 2500
- starting food is set to 100 instead of 15
- Have more tribal members, more than ever before! (Reduced from 1.3 to decrease chance of crashing)

Space Stage:
- You can now buy the staff of life if you have nearly all the badges.
- It now takes longer to get the high end badges.
- Now find items like healing tools as random items on planets.
- Base of 8 spice stored per colony.
- More variation in price of items between empires.
- Reduce the amount spice is worth on hard difficulty.
- Tools cost more on hard and less on easy difficulty.
- Money dropped from ships is worth more.
- Enemy ships now have more health.
- Ally ships now have more health.
- Costs more to request allies to attack someone.
- Store 999 of everything, except spice!
- Cost more to repair and recharge.
- Your home world produces more spice.
- Costs more to buy up solar systems.
- Now have up to 5 trade routes.
- Easier to fly in the galactic centre.
- There are less large empires.
- Have up to 10 planets in a solar system.
- More chance of a barren planet then T1-3 compared to the original game.
- Abduct from higher up, so you don’t have to keep going lower!
- More buildings and Turrets on T1 and T2 planets.
- Turrets are better defenders.
- Less attacks, less disasters.
- Now up to 3 artifacts per planet.
- Items cost more to buy.
- All items which you place (eg colonies, spice storage, uber turret etc) now do not need to be bought multiply times, but instead cost sporebucks everytime you use it.
- Interstellar Drives have been increased slightly.
- A collection of rare items (Having all 10 of a set) have had their prices increase by over 500%.
- More variation in price of items between empires.
- Items will not always appear when at a shop, depending on each civilization.

New Items in space stage:
- Ultra Cargo Hold
- Ultra Energy Storage
- Ultra Health Upgrade
- Interstellar Drive 6
- Ultra Laser
- Ultra Proton Missile
- Ultra Bomb
- Ultra Pulse
- Ultra Auto Blaster
- Staff of the Apocalypse
- Wand of Life

Not only that, but it also fixes a bunch of bugs found in the original Spore game!


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